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Do you want to know what can make you stand out from a group of amateur keynote speakers? Act like a pro. There are things that professionals usually do but amateurs don’t. These things say a lot about their capabilities and their understanding of the job. Now, you can become a professional keynote speaker too by emulating the following habits.

1. They refrain from giving too much information.

It’s hard to select information when you know a lot about your subject. It always makes you want to cram a lot of seemingly impressive data that not many people know about. However, a professional knows what is best needed by his audience. He doesn’t try to impress by bombarding the audience with too much information.

2. They don’t use bullet points.

motivational speakers

This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but yes, bullet points are outdated. A professional keynote speaker gives his key points one by one followed by discussion. He rarely enumerates upfront since enumerating something while giving a speech is useless anyway. The audience won’t have time to memorize them. Instead, use visuals that can prompt the audience to think and react in awe. Don’t make them read.

3. They only use a handful of slides.

For a single continuous speech, a professional keynote speaker is expected to present just a few slides that can back up his ideas or gain the attention and interest of his audience. In fact, a lot of key speeches don’t even need any kind of visual presentations at all. A speaker who is good enough to clearly elaborate on things rarely needs the help of visuals.

4. They use personal photos, not stock photos.

A lot of websites now offer free and paid stock photos that can be used for personal and commercial purposes. The tendency of many amateur keynote speakers is to take advantage of that. However, a professional keynote speaker avoids the cliché and instead makes his presentation more personalized by using his own photos. It’s not cool to show photos that members of the audience have already seen elsewhere.

5. They leave some questions for their audience to answer.

Professional keynote speakers know that they shouldn’t spoon-feed the audience if they really want to become memorable. They stimulate their audience’s intellect and let them find the answers before giving validation.

6. They are humorous.

Humor is something that many keynote speakers possess, but the amateur ones experience a hard time using that to lighten the mood and please the audience. This is because humor rarely works with nervousness and too much preparation.

7. They plant uneasiness or fear to make their message more memorable.

This may seem harsh, but the audience will appreciate valuable information much better if keynote speakers make them realize their importance by making them feel how it’s like not to believe, response, and act to the call. They start by describing the scenarios that may happen if no change is achieved or realized by the audience.

8. They show up on time.

Many keynote speakers are authorities in their own right. They have impressive positions and busy schedules. However, what separate professional ones from the amateurs are their discipline to show up on time.

9. They don’t look at their copy all the time.

A keynote speaker is an expert in his topic, which should make the delivery a piece of cake. He shouldn’t rely on his copy all the time if he is prepared and confident in the things that he says.

10. They play with their voice.

Formality is often associated with monotone. That’s how many amateur keynote speakers try to play it. Why can’t they realize that they can sound goof Keynote speaker provides keynotes and break out sessions for corporate events and association meetings that are drop-dead funny, Motivational Speakers and full of proven research results on what the most successful do differently.y but still look formal and reputable at the same time?


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Keynote speaker provides keynotes and break out sessions for corporate events and association meetings that are drop dead funny, Motivational Speakers and full of proven research results on what the most successful do differently.
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Revealing the Truth about Unisex T-shirts

Gender and gender identity is a topic that’s becoming more and more complex. And the fashion industry has found itself in the midst of it. This is because clothing is usually categorized according to gender– men and women. However, as people’s knowledge about the fluidity of gender expands, there’s a greater need for clothes that can fit everyone.

Here’s where unisex shirts come in. We all know that unisex t-shirts are cheap, easy to find, and fit-for-all. They’re loved by many, especially those who prefer simple shirts, as these are usually plain colored with no custom t-shirt design. However, a unisex t-shirt may not be as good as presented by marketers. Here are things you probably don’t know about it:


A unisex shirt means that it can fit both men and women. Usually, that can be great for those who usually find themselves sharing a shirt with the opposite gender. However, fitting both means that unisex shirts need to come in a square shape type of t-shirt rather than in something that is more flattering for a woman’s figure.

A square-shaped type of t-shirt is usually a straight flat cut, starting from below the outfit. This kind of shape will remove any definition and contour of the body and hide your shape. While this cut may work for people who prefer to hide their body, it is generally not flattering to see on women.

Custom fitted shirts are still better to those who want to flaunt the shape of their body. They will definitely look better as they can be flattering to your body type and emphasize your contours.

While the cut of unisex t-shirts boils down to preference, it is better to keep in mind that shirts can be seen as an extension of your personality. If you’re okay with a straight flat cut shirt, then you’ll be happy with a unisex shirt.


t-shirtUnisex t-shirts are usually plain and monocolored. It’s because creating inclusive printed designs is not as easy as it sounds. Images and graphics are better off in a custom type shirt. However, if you’re planning to start a custom t-shirt design shop for both genders, you might want to remember that you have to be gender neutral.

Creating gender neutral designs is especially hard because you need to appeal to all genders. And more often than not, what looks good on one gender may not be attractive to the other.

In making the design, you must focus on fluidity and gender inclusivity. The best place to start is with pop culture references. Anyone can easily relate to popular TV characters, Hollywood celebrities, etc. For more sophisticated designs, you might want to focus on symbols. And even with printed shirts, the best rule is minimalism.

Marketing Ploys

You may think that unisex t-shirts are specifically made to be unisex, but some companies use that thinking to sell more shirts. In fact, they may not be unisex at all. For one, they are made with a straight cut, which is also being called a men’s cut.

Many companies use the chance to rename men’s cut to unisex, so it will appeal to a larger market. Changing it from men’s cut to unisex will double the target buyers as many women won’t feel weird about buying a more masculine shirt.

When you think about it, unisex shirts can easily become a marketing ploy. If you go inside small shirt shops, you’ll notice that there are more unisex shirts compared to slim-fitted shirts.

Of course, there are a few exceptions. There are brands that do take the time to think about the construction of their shirts.

Should you still buy unisex t-shirts?

Unisex t-shirt is a part of the fast fashion industry. And it might stay for a longer time. Though there has been a lot of marketing ploy behind a unisex shirt’s popularity, it’s not actually the worst product in the market.

Yes, the fast fashion industry introduced unisex shirts to companies that want to save money and still attract as many customers as they can. And yes, it tends to alienate many who prefer a custom fitting shirt. However, the design is as inclusive as it can be.

Fashion is relative. Not everyone has the same taste. A woman might prefer a straight cut t-shirt as it is her personal style. Meanwhile, another woman might prefer something that can show off her body. Whatever shirt they buy, it’s a choice they’ve made.

Final Thoughts

Every day, there are people who have to deal with the daily stress of dressing according to their gender. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There are now clothes that are unisex. The problem is that these shirts are not yet perfect in terms of balance and proportions. There’s little that can be done with this, especially because there’s a lot of things to take into account in constructing and designing a shirt. At the end of the day, the decision to wear one still depends on you.


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22 Aug

The Real Way To Get Out of A Financial Jam

Life has a way of throwing a curve at you at the wrong times. You may be going down the highway of life doing well, then out of the blue a series of events can have you stumbling around. This could include losing your job, or dealing with an illness, and could very well leave you with a very difficult time on your hands. Millions of people today don’t even have enough money to cover themselves in case of a car accident, or job loss, which means that you could be one accident away from losing it all. If that’s the case, you may need to know how to get out of a financial jam. One way of doing this is to pawn or sell your jewelry, and fast. Doing so could very well help you out, and cash4jewelrynow.com is your ticket to doing just that. In fact, there are several reasons why this is a great option to pursue over others.

Pawn Jewelry

Getting Paid Fast

Let’s say that you’re dealing with a car accident. You may have insurance, and you can get a suit and get money. The insurance company can side with you, and pay out. But guess what? They are not going to do so fast. They are first going to assess the situation, they are going to figure out the bigger picture, get lawyers involved, and deal with a variety of hurdles before you will ever get payment. In the meantime, you could be in the hospital, you could be without a car, and you may even lose your job. Whatever the case may be, you’re not going to have money to move forward with, and that’s a problem. The insurance company is not going to pay you fast, even if you beg, or plead. In the meantime, however, you could do the smart thing, and sell your jewelry.

By simply gathering all your jewelry, even if it’s broken or old, you can ensure that you get the upper hand and get paid faster. That’s where cash4jewelrynow.com comes into play. They pay top dollar for jewelry and other options, and can do so while you wait for your insurance company to sort out your accident. Getting paid fast is a great reason to get rid of your items, especially if they are made out of gold, silver, or platinum.


Pawning or Selling

There are two things that you have to remember about getting rid of your precious jewelry. The first is simple, you can sell outright to a pawn option. That’s a good thing, you’ll get cash fast, but if you don’t want to lose your items, but need money, then you’ll want to go with a loan. Loans based on your gold could be easy to utilize. What you need to do is simply put your items for collateral. The company you work with will give you a price, and then give you the money. They will hold onto your items, and then you will have the opportunity to pay them back. Once you pay the loan back, you’ll get your items back, it’s that simple.

That means that you can get out of a jam, without spending a great deal of money, or dealing with a variety of issues. You’ll get paid, you can get your financial mess situated, and then get your jewelry back. Now, if you don’t want to go that route, you don’t have to go that way, you can easily just sell your items and be on your way. Either way, you can get out of a financial mess fast, if you just know what to do. The aforementioned is the best way to go, that’s for sure.

17 Aug

Golf Balls For Beginners

In golf, your skills and the kind of playing equipment you are using are key factors in the trajectory and the landing of your golf ball. As a beginner, you can do some simple golf exercises but first, you need to get the most suitable golf equipment such as the golf club, golf balls, and tees are available at rockbottomgolf. Shopping for tees is the most manageable among the three items. Finding the right golf club for you is a bit easier than searching the balls. When it comes to golf club, you will simply base your search on your swinging capability. In contrast, you need to look at the attributes and prices of the balls.

Golf Ball

Experienced players of golf make use of either advanced or recreational balls. The advanced balls are the ones used in tournaments. Professional golf players are the major users of advanced balls. Hitting an advanced golf ball brings a sensation of softness. However, it requires physical strength to have that great swing speed to hit the ball. Advanced golf balls are multi-layered with an outer layer that is softer than the inner layers. These balls come in different colors from numerous manufacturers. In general, advanced balls are the most expensive kinds of balls used in golf.


Recreational balls are appropriate for golfers who take the sport as a leisure activity. Unlike the advanced balls, the recreational ones consist of just two layers with the core softer than the cover. Players who have lower spring speeds can take advantage of these balls’ side spin reduction characteristics and low compression. These are also good options for golfers who lose balls easily. This is because these balls are way cheaper than advanced balls. You can misplace a lot of balls without incurring higher costs.

But for beginners, the best options available include X-outs, range balls, and refurbished balls. The price of a recreational golf ball will appear expensive once compared with the prices of the following golf balls. Aside from the price, another characteristic of these balls is that some of them have almost similar qualities of recreational balls.


These balls usually come from major golf ball manufacturers. These were named as such due to the crossing of the brand’s name before it will be distributed to retail stores.

These are also referred to as mark outs and factory seconds.

Major golf manufacturers carry out a quality control testing to ensure that their balls will pass the standards of the USGA and R&A and to guarantee golfer satisfaction. Once a golf ball was found to have flaws, no matter how slight these are, it will be rejected right away. The slightly flawed balls are collected and sold at discounted prices instead of discarding them. In this way, the manufacturers can still get money in exchange of their expenses for labor and materials.

Greatly flawed balls will not be offered as X-outs. The flaws of such can have an impact on the ball’s flight. That is why balls with minor flaws are the only rejects sold as X-outs.

X-outs can be a substitute to recreational balls. However, these can’t be used for tournaments. The use of X-outs in tournament is considered illegal.

Range Balls

These are also called practice balls. These are the only kinds of golf balls made for beginners.


Contrary to other types, these ones are more durable. You can use a range golf ball for numerous times before it will wear out. This advantage is only for beginners. Experienced golfers dislike a firm ball because it isn’t ideal for hitting.

Practice balls are easily recognizable because of the lettering of practice. Aside from that, a practice ball may have one or two lines. These lines will make it easier for beginners to see the spin of the golf ball.

Refurbished Balls

The grounds keeping staff are tasked to collect balls that are left out in the course after a play. This is to avoid confusing the players on the next day. These balls may be kept by the staff. The country club may also opt to sell out the collected balls.

These balls will not be sold right away. First, it will be fixed up and graded. The grade is indicative of the ball’s likeness to newly manufactured balls. Aside from that, the better graded golf balls will be more expensive than the lower-graded balls.

15 Jun

Benefits of Acquiring the Services of an Article Writer

Managing a business will require you to invest most of your efforts and time. Content writing is perhaps one of the most tedious and time-consuming process in marketing a business on the internet. A website’s content will serve as your business’ voice in the online world. Therefore, it is imperative that you put more of your time and effort on it.


In order to make sure that they get only the best content, most businesses have their content outsourced. With the booming popularity of the internet and the growing demands for outsourcing jobs, more and more businesses have exploited the several advantages of outsourcing a job to freelancers and outsourcing service providers. Here are just some of the reasons why you need to outsource your article writing job to a professional article writer:


In order to be successful in your online marketing adventure, you need to provide readers with quality articles that are informative and relevant to your business. Aside from that, the articles also need follow the basic principles of grammar with no spelling mistakes. On top of that, the articles also need to persuade the readers to purchase your products or avail the services that you offer.

However, not all people have the skills and experience in article writing. Being an effective article writer will require years of experience and constant practice. If you are doubtful of your ability as a writer, you may need to outsource the job to someone who’s capable of coming up with quality articles for your blog and website.


Writing quality content is a tedious process. You will need to invest most of your time for research, writing, editing and publishing the article. Realistically, you will need to dedicate at least six to eight hours of your time each day if you want to publish one or two high quality content every day. However, businessmen are known to have little time to spare. Therefore, they outsource the article writing job to professional articles writers. This can leave them enough time to deal with other more important aspects of their business.


Outsourcing the job to other professionals is a cost-effective business strategy. Most businesses have reduced their expenses by sending some of their business processes offshore or by acquiring the services of a freelancer or an outsourcing service company. The same can also be said with article writing.

Article-writerThere are many talented articles who can be locally employed by your company, but their rates seem to be costly. Hiring a professional article writer can help you save a lot of money as most professional article writers on the internet do not charge that much. This can greatly reduce your overhead expenses as they are not included in your pay roll and you have no obligations to get their benefits paid.


With the advent of the internet, communication has become more convenient. Having a professional article writer working on your website can provide you a peace of mind. You can send a list of articles to the writer on a weekly basis and they will then be writing the articles as instructed in your given time. This can help provide you with fresh quality content consistently.

The article writer will also be the one doing all the research, writing, editing and publishing. There’s no need for you to oversee everything as they know what they are doing. All you need to do is wait for them to submit the articles as you instructed and have them reviewed for approval. Once everything is set, the articles are good to go for publication.