Citrus Avocado Dressing + a yummy wrap I made with it! 1

We often buy salad dressings for the convenience factor, but if you are trying to avoid preservatives and cut down on your consumption of unhealthy fats, (most vegetables oils,) making your own dressing is the way to go.  It’s really easy, is fairly quick to make, and it stores for a long time in the […]

finished batch of avocado citrus raw vegan dressing with a wrap in progress

a slice of raw vegan pizza withkalamata olives, fresh basil, and pine nuts

Raw Vegan White Pizza with Kalamata Olives and Fresh Basil 1

Here’s a twist on the classic raw vegan pizza concept…raw vegan white pizza!  With creamy cashews pairing with bold Kalamata olives and fresh basil, this is sure to bring a new dimension to your dinner. If you’ve never made raw pizza before, you should note that raw pizza crust is NOT like traditional pizza crust.  […]

Summer Pineapple and Almond Green Smoothie: Stay Full ‘Til Lunch 1

We have all heard that we need to eat more greens…why not drink them?  Make a delicious green smoothie and you can put away large amounts of superfood green leafy vegetables without really having to think about it. Spinach is high in protein, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, magnesium, and more, making it a […]

pineapple spinach smoothie from the top

Raw vegan zucchini pasta with creamy tomato, basil, and pine nut sauce

Summer Fresh Raw Tomato Basil & Pine Nut Pasta 1

It’s hot outside!  The flavors of traditional pasta are great, but for the middle of July, something on the fresh side is sure to please!  The flavors of ripe tomatoes and basil mix together perfectly in this creamy, full-bodied sauce.  The pine nuts are more than just a decoration here and finish the dish with […]

Make Your Own Raw Vegan Chocolate for the Cost of a Candy Bar 1

I have always loved chocolate.  Since adopting a mostly raw diet, though, it’s been rare that I get to enjoy it, largely because I think it’s silly to pay $10 for a bar of raw chocolate from the health food store. So, I started to look into making my own.  I bought a few basics […]

chocolate melting small_edited

mango ice cream - small

Summer Fresh Recipes: Creamy Mango Pecan Ice Cream 1

A while ago, I got an ice cream maker as a gift, and it really was one of the best gifts ever.  I’ve always loved ice cream, but it’s no secret that pretty much anything commercially available is packed full of refined sugar, unnatural fats, preservatives, and much more, so I was happy to start […]

Hidden Restaurant Items You Never Knew Were Raw & Plant-Based 3

One of the most common objections I hear from people attempting a high-raw, plant-based lifestyle is that there’s nothing to eat at restaurants, or that they think they can’t go to places with their friends or coworkers for lunch because they think they’ll have to eat the Larabar in their purse for lunch.  Let’s put […]



What Do I Do With All This Fruit? Here’s the… 2

So you went to the farmers’ market or scored a deal on a case of fruit on discount.  It’s more than you will eat in a week.  So…now what? What on Earth do you do with all this fruit, assuming you don’t want it to go to waste? Freeze some smoothies. Find a smoothie recipe […]

Comfort Foods: Stovetop-Free Applesauce Hits the Spot 2

I’ve always loved applesauce, from childhood onward, and I still love applesauce–only now, I make it a bit differently.  For this to work the best, you’ll need a blender and a juicer, and about 6-8 apples, depending on their size. Ingredients: 8 cups sliced apples (sliced into fourths, cores removed) 1-2 TBS agave nectar (or […]

apples in blender small


4 Delicious & Easy Recipes for Kale Chips 2

Let me just start by saying…kale chips have seriously changed my life!  If you need to get more greens in your diet, and you’ve tried salads, tried green smoothies…kale chips just might be the way to go.  They certainly were for me!  I make them all the time and have bags and bags of them […]