Golf Balls For Beginners

17 Aug

Golf Balls For Beginners

In golf, your skills and the kind of playing equipment you are using are key factors in the trajectory and the landing of your golf ball. As a beginner, you can do some simple golf exercises but first, you need to get the most suitable golf equipment such as the golf club, golf balls, and tees are available at rockbottomgolf. Shopping for tees is the most manageable among the three items. Finding the right golf club for you is a bit easier than searching the balls. When it comes to golf club, you will simply base your search on your swinging capability. In contrast, you need to look at the attributes and prices of the balls.

Golf Ball

Experienced players of golf make use of either advanced or recreational balls. The advanced balls are the ones used in tournaments. Professional golf players are the major users of advanced balls. Hitting an advanced golf ball brings a sensation of softness. However, it requires physical strength to have that great swing speed to hit the ball. Advanced golf balls are multi-layered with an outer layer that is softer than the inner layers. These balls come in different colors from numerous manufacturers. In general, advanced balls are the most expensive kinds of balls used in golf.


Recreational balls are appropriate for golfers who take the sport as a leisure activity. Unlike the advanced balls, the recreational ones consist of just two layers with the core softer than the cover. Players who have lower spring speeds can take advantage of these balls’ side spin reduction characteristics and low compression. These are also good options for golfers who lose balls easily. This is because these balls are way cheaper than advanced balls. You can misplace a lot of balls without incurring higher costs.

But for beginners, the best options available include X-outs, range balls, and refurbished balls. The price of a recreational golf ball will appear expensive once compared with the prices of the following golf balls. Aside from the price, another characteristic of these balls is that some of them have almost similar qualities of recreational balls.


These balls usually come from major golf ball manufacturers. These were named as such due to the crossing of the brand’s name before it will be distributed to retail stores.

These are also referred to as mark outs and factory seconds.

Major golf manufacturers carry out a quality control testing to ensure that their balls will pass the standards of the USGA and R&A and to guarantee golfer satisfaction. Once a golf ball was found to have flaws, no matter how slight these are, it will be rejected right away. The slightly flawed balls are collected and sold at discounted prices instead of discarding them. In this way, the manufacturers can still get money in exchange of their expenses for labor and materials.

Greatly flawed balls will not be offered as X-outs. The flaws of such can have an impact on the ball’s flight. That is why balls with minor flaws are the only rejects sold as X-outs.

X-outs can be a substitute to recreational balls. However, these can’t be used for tournaments. The use of X-outs in tournament is considered illegal.

Range Balls

These are also called practice balls. These are the only kinds of golf balls made for beginners.


Contrary to other types, these ones are more durable. You can use a range golf ball for numerous times before it will wear out. This advantage is only for beginners. Experienced golfers dislike a firm ball because it isn’t ideal for hitting.

Practice balls are easily recognizable because of the lettering of practice. Aside from that, a practice ball may have one or two lines. These lines will make it easier for beginners to see the spin of the golf ball.

Refurbished Balls

The grounds keeping staff are tasked to collect balls that are left out in the course after a play. This is to avoid confusing the players on the next day. These balls may be kept by the staff. The country club may also opt to sell out the collected balls.

These balls will not be sold right away. First, it will be fixed up and graded. The grade is indicative of the ball’s likeness to newly manufactured balls. Aside from that, the better graded golf balls will be more expensive than the lower-graded balls.