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Did you know? Juicing is one of the most beneficial habits that you can develop for your body! It’s true! Juicing involves taking the juice from raw fruits and vegetables, either by hand juicing or a juicing machine, which creates a raw drink that not only tastes good—but is good for you! Yum!

making green juice

Green juice (Photo credit: kc7fys)

But not every drink you create with juicing tastes like a delicious strawberry-banana concoction. Sometimes, juicing vegetables—even those that are very, very good for us—can create a drink that is… well… let’s say “less than appetizing.” Green juice is juice made from green vegetables, like celery, kale, cucumber, parsley—you get the picture. Green vegetables provide our bodies with plenty of nutrients, vitamins, and other ingredients that are essential for keeping your body healthy and happy. But imagine drinking kale—it doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it? Thankfully, there are ways that you can make green juice taste just as delicious as any bright, sweet fruit juice!

The simplest way to make green juice taste good is to add something sweet to your juicing recipe. Now, it is important to note that you might not be pleased with the results if you simply just throw a random fruit into your blender along with your celery and kale. Some tastes just don’t go together! But you can usually count on three ingredients to help sweeten up any bitter green juice: apples, lemons, and cucumber.

Apples being added to juice

Apples and other fruits can help sweeten up a green juice concoction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apples come in a number of different varieties, so you can pick one that suits the sweetness level you are looking for. Red delicious apples are somewhat bitter, while apples like honey crisp and Pink Lady will provide your green juice with that extra oomph of sweetness. Don’t forget that apples are in the dirty dozen–meaning you always want to buy organic! Lemon should, of course, be used sparingly—unless you want to pucker up! But lemon does help balance out the sweetness of an added fruit with the bitterness of the green vegetables. Cucumbers are, of course, a vegetable. But they are cool and have a neutralizing flavor that will keep your juice from being too bitter or acidic. Strawberries are another popular ingredient in green juice, but be sure you choose ripe, organic strawberries which are at their peak sweetness.

Green juice + fruit = smoothie!

Fruit smoothies–simply put some fruit + green juice in a blender! (Photo credit: @bastique)

If the above tricks didn’t do it for you, you may have to go what is typically called “the hidden route.” The hidden route means that you will need to mask the taste of the green vegetables much as possible with sweet fruits. You may even want to throw whole fruits into your juice mixture, instead of just juicing the fruit. The whole fruit will make the drink thicker as well, which will further mask his taste of the bitter greens. This method is often used by parents trying to get their children to drink green juice, as most children—and let’s face it, many adults!—just aren’t able to enjoy the taste of juiced green vegetables right away and may need some adjustment time–no matter how healthy or happy said green juice will make their bodies. Don’t give up, though: Green juice is a great habit your body will appreciate in the long run!

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