Revealing the Truth about Unisex T-shirts

9 Jul

Revealing the Truth about Unisex T-shirts

Gender and gender identity is a topic that’s becoming more and more complex. And the fashion industry has found itself in the midst of it. This is because clothing is usually categorized according to gender– men and women. However, as people’s knowledge about the fluidity of gender expands, there’s a greater need for clothes that can fit everyone.

Here’s where unisex shirts come in. We all know that unisex t-shirts are cheap, easy to find, and fit-for-all. They’re loved by many, especially those who prefer simple shirts, as these are usually plain colored with no custom t-shirt design. However, a unisex t-shirt may not be as good as presented by marketers. Here are things you probably don’t know about it:


A unisex shirt means that it can fit both men and women. Usually, that can be great for those who usually find themselves sharing a shirt with the opposite gender. However, fitting both means that unisex shirts need to come in a square shape type of t-shirt rather than in something that is more flattering for a woman’s figure.

A square-shaped type of t-shirt is usually a straight flat cut, starting from below the outfit. This kind of shape will remove any definition and contour of the body and hide your shape. While this cut may work for people who prefer to hide their body, it is generally not flattering to see on women.

Custom fitted shirts are still better to those who want to flaunt the shape of their body. They will definitely look better as they can be flattering to your body type and emphasize your contours.

While the cut of unisex t-shirts boils down to preference, it is better to keep in mind that shirts can be seen as an extension of your personality. If you’re okay with a straight flat cut shirt, then you’ll be happy with a unisex shirt.


t-shirtUnisex t-shirts are usually plain and monocolored. It’s because creating inclusive printed designs is not as easy as it sounds. Images and graphics are better off in a custom type shirt. However, if you’re planning to start a custom t-shirt design shop for both genders, you might want to remember that you have to be gender neutral.

Creating gender neutral designs is especially hard because you need to appeal to all genders. And more often than not, what looks good on one gender may not be attractive to the other.

In making the design, you must focus on fluidity and gender inclusivity. The best place to start is with pop culture references. Anyone can easily relate to popular TV characters, Hollywood celebrities, etc. For more sophisticated designs, you might want to focus on symbols. And even with printed shirts, the best rule is minimalism.

Marketing Ploys

You may think that unisex t-shirts are specifically made to be unisex, but some companies use that thinking to sell more shirts. In fact, they may not be unisex at all. For one, they are made with a straight cut, which is also being called a men’s cut.

Many companies use the chance to rename men’s cut to unisex, so it will appeal to a larger market. Changing it from men’s cut to unisex will double the target buyers as many women won’t feel weird about buying a more masculine shirt.

When you think about it, unisex shirts can easily become a marketing ploy. If you go inside small shirt shops, you’ll notice that there are more unisex shirts compared to slim-fitted shirts.

Of course, there are a few exceptions. There are brands that do take the time to think about the construction of their shirts.

Should you still buy unisex t-shirts?

Unisex t-shirt is a part of the fast fashion industry. And it might stay for a longer time. Though there has been a lot of marketing ploy behind a unisex shirt’s popularity, it’s not actually the worst product in the market.

Yes, the fast fashion industry introduced unisex shirts to companies that want to save money and still attract as many customers as they can. And yes, it tends to alienate many who prefer a custom fitting shirt. However, the design is as inclusive as it can be.

Fashion is relative. Not everyone has the same taste. A woman might prefer a straight cut t-shirt as it is her personal style. Meanwhile, another woman might prefer something that can show off her body. Whatever shirt they buy, it’s a choice they’ve made.

Final Thoughts

Every day, there are people who have to deal with the daily stress of dressing according to their gender. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There are now clothes that are unisex. The problem is that these shirts are not yet perfect in terms of balance and proportions. There’s little that can be done with this, especially because there’s a lot of things to take into account in constructing and designing a shirt. At the end of the day, the decision to wear one still depends on you. is one of the best Custom T-shirt Design manufactures with good quality material and an affordable price.